another Afternoon in Montreal

Our feelings to Montreal are definitely a lot stronger than last year. I don’t know if it’s because this autumn was different than the last, or because we are different. Probably both. We are much more relaxed and focused than before. Our life is stable and calm, not to confuse with boredom. It’s hard to speak about boredom when you live in a different city almost every month… Since last year we’ve lived in 9 different cities, including coming back to Vancouver for three months. Living in Montreal again made us happy and gave us an opportunity to get this town to know even more. And it actually sums up exactly our approach to travel. Because for us to travel means to get to know the place, where we spend time. To eat well, to walk a lot and to just make memories. And this afternoon is a good representation of how we spend our free time. And it proves that even a random weekday can be exciting, if you leave your house and just wander a little. It’s all about making an effort.









  • Zu

    Fajnie wygląda ten Montreal…

    • bo to bardzo fajne miasto jest 😉 nie wiemy czemu tak bardzo niedoceniane.

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