The DUMBO (the name comes from an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) is one of the most recognizable places in Brooklyn. This historic district it’s located between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, and it continues east from the Manhattan Bridge to the Vinegar Hill area. Originally a ferry landing, characterized by 19th and early 20th century industrial and warehouse buildings, now it’s Brooklyn’s most expensive neighborhood with a large number of technology startups and luxury residential lofts. It’s not a large neighborhood, but it’s a home for 500 tech and creative firms. And what comes next is a huge number of coffee shops, bookstores, art galleries and trendy shops. What can we say more, we enjoyed strolling around this area a lot. It has a nice, modern hip vibe. The view of Manhattan is stunning, and there is really a lot to do and see. It’s definitely one of our favorite neighborhoods in NYC.

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