Point Pleasant Park

Point Pleasant Park

It is a time to say a little goodbye to Halifax and Nova Scotia. But let’s just stay in an Ocean theme for a couple more minutes. You already now, that after that we moved to Toronto, but the very last few days we spend very active. One of the places we’ve visited was Point Pleasant Park. It’s a beautiful place with a long history. It’s perfect for a little afternoon run or just for a stroll. It was a good place and a good day to say goodbye to the Atlantic Coast of Canada.

And we have to say that the seafood never tasted better than that day. Maybe it was our appetite, after hours of walking or maybe it was the most delicious fresh salmon and scallops that we ever ate. If you are going to Halifax, go to Phil’s on Quinpool and try it for yourself.

We hope you enjoyed our little Halifax journey. We felt in love with Nova Scotia. There are so many places that we want to visit in the future… Including Cape Bretton, Peggy’s Cove and many, many other places! Hopefully, we will come back here someday.

This is the last post from Halifax, but our Canadian trip is not over! Stay tuned for more adventures!

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