the high line

the high line

New York is a dream travel destination for a lot of people. It’s a cult, magical city where all your dreams come true… Maybe for some people. For us, it was more a curiosity. We wanted to check what all this fuss is about, why everyone gets so excited for NYC? We already have the answer, and you’re not going to like it…

Don’t get us wrong, we liked NYC, but we would never want to spend the life there. We spent there a month, and we definitely will visit this city in future. But you have to know that almost everything you know about this town is just a beautiful image created in media. All those lovely photoshopped pictures of fashionable people driving taxis to work, bloggers shopping on 5th Avenue and posing on wide Manhattan streets… Sunset, sunrises on a Brooklyn Bridge… It’s not a real New York (sometimes literally, almost in half TV series and movies it’s Toronto or Montreal or any city with skyscrapers). The real New York is noisy, dirty as hell and overcrowded. Almost each day we’ve seen cockroaches, rats (fortunately not in our apartment) and a lot of strange people. With micro apartments and horrendous rent, it’s not the best to live. And those tourists… Thousands of people floating the city to see where Carrie Bradshaw used to live (or to be more precise, where she walked down the stairs). Believe us; there are much better places on earth to settle.

New York is one of the biggest cities in the world. It’s also one of the most, diverse, vibrant and exciting place you can visit. But not because Central Park and Empire State or even the Brooklyn Bridge. At least not for us. It has so much more to offer. But as you probably already know we are not typical tourists. And we have a strong opinion about what is worth seeing and what we are looking for when we travel. What seems to be a long time – 32 days, what not even near enough to get to know New York. I think that a lifetime wouldn’t be enough. Because there is so much to see and do. And what we want to do is to show you how we see New York. And although it’s not going always to be pretty and picturesque, we hope you will enjoy our NYC series.

Firstly we are going to take you for a walk. Starting at the old subway station (that was our primary transport, on sunny days, we’ve biked) in beautiful Brooklyn. We get out in Chelsea to walk the High Line. This park is situated an elevated section of a disused New York Central Railroad and is one of our favorite places. It’s beautiful and offers a lot of excellent views. Unfortunately, you can’t see the colorful Kiss mural by Kobra (the wall was repainted). But you are not going to regret this 1.45-mile-long (2.33 km) walk. We wouldn’t mind if it were 14 miles long 🙂 We visited the Highline couple of times. The best time to go there is weekday morning. Actually because of waves of tourists, we wouldn’t recommend anyone visiting NYC/Manhattan on the weekends. If you have the opportunity, do it during the week. Weekends are really good to explore your neighbourhood, what you will see soon (we are going to save something for the next time).

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