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endless summer

27 August 2016

Couple days ago we saw the weather forecast. And as hard it is to believe, the summer may actually be ending. This year Vancouver weather was pretty generous in July and August. To be honest, we can’t wait for autumn, but there is something about late summer and sunsets that makes us happy and grateful for this beautiful time here. Each time we watch the colourful sky with the same admiration. It’s so worth evening bike rides.  And this is exactly, what we have in mind writing the last time, about enjoying the moment and the little things. Hopefully, in September we will have as many reasons to feel that lucky.  Continue Reading

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back to where it all begins

23 August 2016

You have no idea how long we’ve been waiting for this moment! We loved every place we visited last year, but this one was all the time at the top of our list! We were wondering if it’s going to make such an impression on us for the second time… (We wrote a little about our feelings for Vancouver here.) But the minute we saw it from the airplane, and we’ve put our feets on the ground after 11 h flight from Europe, we knew. And it all came back to us instantly. And although we are pretty different people now, then 18 months ago, we still love this beautiful city. Continue Reading

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Empire State

21 August 2016

It used to be one of the tallest buildings in the city and it’s one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world, so we simply couldn’t say no to Empire State Building. On one of the hottest days of May, we went up to the 86th-floor observation deck and let the wind in our hair. Continue Reading

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17 August 2016

The DUMBO (the name comes from an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) is one of the most recognizable places in Brooklyn. This historic district it’s located between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, and it continues east from the Manhattan Bridge to the Vinegar Hill area. Originally a ferry landing, characterized by 19th and early 20th century industrial and warehouse buildings, now it’s Brooklyn’s most expensive neighborhood with a large number of technology startups and luxury residential lofts. Continue Reading

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fleet week

9 August 2016

Welcome aboard!
Each year active US military ships, recently deployed in overseas operations, dock in a few major cities for a couple of days. During this time, the crews can explore the city and sometimes even meet with their families. We’ve seen a dozen of white uniforms during that week all over New York. It’s a big thing. Often, there are military demonstrations and air shows. And of course, the public can take a guided tour of the ships. Continue Reading

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East River State Park

5 August 2016

While visiting Williamsburg, we also went to East River State Park. That’s the place where during spring and summer you can find the cult flea market combined with a true gastronomic insanity called Smorgasburg. Every week on Saturday, you will find here more than 100  local and regional food vendors to upwards of 10,000 visitors daily, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Brooklyn. We are also going to take you there in a while. But that day was a Sunday and that allowed us to avoid the crowds and enjoyed the breathtaking view of Manhattan. Continue Reading

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Williamsburg, Brooklyn

3 August 2016

Let’s appreciate the sun and temperature on that beautiful day. As you know our first week in NYC was pretty cold and rainy (we absolutely loved it! But to be honest, we couldn’t wait for the sun to came out. And when it did, we went for a long walk trough Williamsburg. The hipster capital of the world. There is no other place like this. It’s colorful, diverse and fun. With thousands of coffee places and diners, bars and cool looking shops. We spent a lovely afternoon there knowing, that we definitely will be going there at least few more times. Continue Reading

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Brooklyn Bridge Park

31 July 2016

Afternoons are for walking. Especially warm, spring afternoons. So some Sunday afternoon we walked trough Brooklyn Bridge Park. The sun started to go down, and the sky began to change colors slowly. Although we are not the biggest sunset fans. We have to admit that it looked just spectacular.  Continue Reading

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Lower Manhattan

27 July 2016

As you can see, our first couple of days in NYC was quite cold and cloudy. It didn’t stop us from exploring the city. For us, the best way is just to walk. Walk as far as you can… And let me tell you, we can walk!
We walked that day about a hundred blocks. From Lower Manhattan to Central Park. This is the first part of our walk. Continue Reading

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the high line

20 July 2016

New York is a dream travel destination for a lot of people. It’s a cult, magical city where all your dreams come true… Maybe for some people. For us, it was more a curiosity. We wanted to check what all this fuss is about, why everyone gets so excited for NYC? We already have the answer, and you’re not going to like it… Continue Reading